I already have a Domoticz install with Sonoff stuff & Tasmota firmware.

I manage power for:

But webcam doesn’t work during the night. I have an ANAVI Light Controller to fix this.

I want this in Domoticz:

Use in Domoticz

If you want the same, you can do it with this configuration:

Open “Configuration” / “Configure module” it must look like this:

Configure module

In Domoticz configure a MQTT Gateway, search on the Internet to find out how to do it.

MQTT Gateway in Domoticz

Now click on “Create Virtual Sensors”

Create Virtual Sensors

Now available in devices view:

Create Virtual Sensors

Note the “Idx” for later and return to Tasmota configuration “Configure Domoticz” part:

Configure Domoticz

Put the “Idx” from Domoticz into “Idx 1”.

Now you can change state and color in Domoticz:

Use in Domoticz

And voilà!